Expert Air Conditioning Repair Services In Mesa, AZ

Comfort Experts Mesa Air Conditioning Repair Services

Mesa City is a place where temperatures reach as high as 119℉. In this city, a broken air conditioning unit can easily become a significant inconvenience. For air conditioning repair in Mesa, AZ, we are the local professionals you must call!

Troubleshooting Your Broken Air Conditioning Unit

Before you call us, we recommend doing these quick-fix tips. They will help your air conditioning unit run comfortably.

Why Doesn’t Your AC Unit Turn On

Check if it’s already plugged in and fix the thermostat setting. If it doesn’t still turn on, you might have an internal switch turned off or a blown circuit breaker or fuse.

You can try turning on all the switches or resetting your circuit breaker, or replacing your fuse. You can also check the condensate overflow tray for excess water.

It Turns On But Is Not Cooling

The first step is to check the thermostat if it works properly. If it is, something might be blocking the airflow.

You can also try cleaning the condenser and making sure that there’s no ice formation on the coils/fins/grills. Cleaning the outdoor compressor also can help.

If these things fail, you might have inadequate refrigerant levels. Low refrigerant levels can affect its cooling capacity, and it’s best that you get professional help.

Poor Airflow Circulation

An air conditioner having poor circulation means that you are burning your money away. The culprit is typically a dirty air filter or disconnected or broken ductwork. Checking your air filter will help you assess if you need to clean it or replace it.

Inspecting the ductwork for connections will also help improve your airflow. You can also check the register dampers on vents in rooms and make sure that they are open.

Signs You Need A Repair For Your Air Conditioning Unit

When all those troubleshooting tips don’t work, contact Comfort Experts immediately for professional repair. You might also encounter these problems where we can help:

  • Unusual noises such as scratching or rattling
  • Hidden blockage on your ductwork
  • Foul odors due to fungal growth inside your unit
  • Difficulty in cooling even after a thorough cleaning
  • Water pooling near or around your air conditioning unit

Running your air conditioning unit even if it’s broken will cost you more than you expect, so a smart decision if you encounter these problems is calling the professionals. Our insured and trained technicians can help restore the comfort you had when your AC was still working.

Enjoy The Quality Repair Services For Air Conditioning Units In Mesa City, Arizona

Our commitment here at Comfort Experts is to provide uninterrupted air conditioning for Mesa City homes and establishments. Our 3-year Angie’s List A+ membership helps us offer a diamond-certified, top-rated service.

We love to provide you a service with honesty and professionalism. That is why we invested in having our AC service techs be NATE-Certified. We offer transparent flat-rate pricing and same-day service for our customers. We also offer guaranteed parts and labor.

If you need a professional home or commercial AC repair in Mesa, AZ, look no more than Comfort Experts. Book an appointment with us, and let’s get that air conditioning unit working again!