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Chandler Air Conditioning Installation for your Chandler home is Cheaper, Simpler, and Quicker than you think.

​Many people avoid the process and price of air conditioner installation by installing individual room air conditioners on their own. While small window units are appealing for their initial price and portability, in reality these units do not function as well as an air condition system and are rarely insured well.

​Contacting an air conditioning contractor for an installation quote could surprise you. There are many benefits to having a real air conditioning system installed in your home or office. The installation steps are often quick and simple, too.


Why should I have an AC system installed in my home?

While the cost may be holding some homeowners back from hiring an AC contractor to install a system in their home, the future financial benefits are usually fantastic.

​With a quality installation, you could see improved energy bills, improved air conditioner longevity, less system meltdowns, and a noticeably cooler home. Window air conditioning units just can’t compete with that.


What are the steps involved in AC installations in Chandler?

  • Proper sizing and measuring. A professional air conditioning contractor will evaluate the proper AC unit size to cool the full square footage of your home or office.
  • Assess the building’s ductwork. If there is leakage in the ductwork of your home, your air conditioner will not be able to effectively cool your entire house. A technician will determine if the ducts should be repaired or changed.
  • Airflow rates. Low airflow could affect how well your house is cooled through the air conditioning system. An AC contractor will assess this and install your unit accordingly.
  • Installation. The physical system installation usually takes less than eight to fourteen hours to complete. If problems with the house structure need to be tackled, air conditioner installation can take longer than a day.


Should I have AC maintenance after my AC unit is installed in Chandler?

Absolutely! AC maintenance is incredibly important and should be considered. There are relatively simple steps to maintaining your air conditioning system on your own, but the process often requires a lot of time and tedious work. The air conditioning company that installs your unit will usually offer a maintenance plan and properly professionally take on the upkeep of your AC unit for you. There are many benefits to maintaining your air conditioning unit instead of ignoring it, which include:

  • Improved longevity of your air conditioning system.
  • Prevention of future break-downs and immediately needed repairs.
  • Better air and temperature quality.
  • Cool, crisp air during hot Chandler summer months.

When it comes to hiring a top quality AC contractor or AC technician, you will want to do your research. A licensed, certified, bonded, and insured air conditioning contractor is an absolute necessity. Poor air conditioner installation could land you with a smaller wallet and more unit problems than you had before.

A customer-acclaimed company like AZ Comfort Experts can not only save you money but offer free quotes on your new air conditioning unit. Call us today!