AC Repair Chandler

Air conditioner repair and when to find an air conditioner service for your Chandler home.

​Has your air conditioning unit been unreliable lately? Has the temperature in your Chandler home felt noticeably different from the number on your thermometer?

​If you own a home in Arizona, chances are you know how incredibly important it is that your air conditioning unit is functioning properly. Other than the obvious discomfort of not owning owning a unit, being exposed to extreme heat in the Arizona summers could cause serious health problems, including heat stroke and breathing problems. Maintaining and repairing your air conditioner is extremely important.


​Signs that your AC unit is malfunctioning:

  • Hard starts. If your unit is becoming shaky, noisy, and is stuttering it could be a sign of a malfunctioning AC compressor.
  • Power cuts. Momentary stalls of power could be a symptom of a compressor problem or a sign that your air conditioning unit is working way harder than it should.
  • Leaks. Liquid leaks could cause serious damage to electrical components of your AC unit and should be taken care of immediately.
  • Extreme noisiness. Air conditioning units are rarely silent, but an especially loud amount of noise could be a sign of a problem.
    Warm air. A sudden change from cool to warm or hot hair coming from your unit is a sign of a malfunction.


How can I maintain my AC unit and keep it running well?

Replace your air conditioner filters regularly. This can be really easy to forget to do, especially if your AC unit is functioning well. Clogged, dusty filters not only obstruct normal air flow but can also impair or possibly damage a unit’s ability to function well.
Keep your condenser coils away from debri. The AC filters usually keep dirt and dust from getting to the condenser coils in an air conditioning system. However, some dirt may still get past the filter and adhere to the coils, keeping them from absorbing heat and functioning properly. To prevent this, check the surrounding area where your unit is located. If it’s in the laundry room or outside near a dusty or tree-covered spot, be sure to dust the area around the unit and maintain foliage around the unit.
Cover your AC unit in the winter. Covering your unit in the winter months will keep your unit from getting dirty or damaged.
Have your unit maintained by an AC contractor. A professional air conditioner service technician can properly and effectively keep your air conditioner running well.

When should I call for AC repair in Chandler?

You should contact Comfort Experts for help when your unit begins to show the signs of malfunction. Getting your unit repaired quickly can prevent additional damage to your air conditioning system. You should also call an AC contractor if regular air conditioning maintenance is something you’d prefer a professional service to do for you. Not only is regular service convenient, but it is always more effective to have a professional technician maintain your air conditioning unit.