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Preparing For An Arizona Winter

Arizona and the greater Phoenix area isn’t known for cold weather, quite the opposite, but that doesn’t mean you can go without preparing your HVAC system for the winter. We presume your heater has not been powered on since around February, so it’s important to take care once you begin firing it up again. Temperatures in Arizona usually fall out of nowhere, and as we find ourselves just leaving that lucky air-off and windows-open time frame, we would like to fill you in on how to prep for the chilly nights to come. Maybe Arizona heaters don’t work as hard as those in snowy states, but they are used nonetheless and just a little attention can prolong the life of your system, and have it running better in the meantime.

We’re also here to answer your burning heater questions! What was that smell when I first turned on my heater this winter? How can I verify my system is in working order? Are there any sounds or other happenings related to my heater to watch out for? We want you to be ready and warm for every upcoming winter!

Why does my heater smell the first time I use it?

After months of inactivity, a thin layer of dust builds up naturally within your system. The first time you turn on your heater at the beginning of winter, this layer burns up. The scent is harmless but if you find it unpleasant, open a few windows and doors; another reason why you want to prepare before winter, it’ll still be warm enough for you to let the scent out! If the scent doesn’t seem “right” this year, call a professional.

How do I know if my system is working properly?

There are a few aspects to look at here. Do the controls seem to be working correctly? Do the temperature settings seem accurate? You could manually check the temperature in each room if something feels off. If your HVAC unit has trouble reaching the temperature you set, you’ll want to call a specialist.

What precautions should I take before winter hits?

Visually inspect your unit if this is possible on your home. Make sure it has space and appears reasonably clean. Any vents on the unit or in your home should be cleaned and unblocked by any items. Again, you’ll want to contact a professional if you notice anything strange when you visually inspect your unit, leaks or strange noises could be a sign.

How do I make sure my HVAC system in the best condition to keep my home warm?

Finally, you’ll want to change filter, many people actually forget this maintenance step after the pleasant fall weather because they weren’t using either the heating or cooling systems at all. If you use any weather stripping or methods on insulation, make sure they weren’t damaged this summer under the Arizona sun. These little tips will make for better heater performance all winter long.

If you wait until the last minute to prepare for the winter cold, you’ll regret it. Take care of your HVAC unit to prevent major repairs down the line, and it will take care of you. If you find yourself with a problem on your hands when firing up your heater for a test run this fall, and you live in Arizona, call Comfort Experts. We service all of the valley, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, and beyond, and we would be happy to take a look and get everything running properly for the comfort and happiness of your family.