4 Causes of HVAC Problems

Like any other machine, your air conditioning system is also prone to wear and tear that ends up causing frustrating HVAC problems. Among these, one of the most common problems is airflow issues.

Detecting airflow problems is quite easy. Look out for the following symptoms to determine that you have an airflow problem.

Symptoms of Airflow Problems

  • Pressure Imbalance: Have you noticed any paranormal activities going on in your house like the slamming of the doors and whistling noises? Before you freak out and start looking for an exorcist, we advise you to call an HVAC expert instead. Most of the time, it is your HVAC’s poor airflow that causes these strange noises.
  • No air: Another common problem with regard to the HVAC unit is no or low air flow. Here, you may observe that some of your vents are not blowing out the cool air properly.
  • Warm air:If your AC has been blowing warm air, it is a clear indicator of the fact that something is wrong with your system and you need to get it repaired.
  • Hot and cold spots:If you observe patches of cold spots throughout your air conditioned space – while some of the areas remain hot – you must call a professional to inspect your air conditioning system.

Top Causes of Airflow Problems

If airflow problems are ignored for a long time, they may lead to compressor failure which means that you will have to replace your entire system with a new one. However, if the problems are dealt with in a timely manner, the repair work won’t be too expensive. Let’s have a look at some of the top causes of airflow problems.

Clogged Filters

Your HVAC filters are responsible for removing dust and debris from the air. If these filters are clogged, they not only contribute to airflow problems, but they also damage the internal parts of the system. Always remember to regularly clean the air filters and change them as per the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Blocked Vents and Registers

Blocked vents – in case there is a furniture item in front of them – can restrict the airflow throughout the space. If you notice low airflow, it is advisable that you thoroughly check that no vent is blocked.

Thermostat Issues

A faulty thermostat or a low battery can also led to airflow problems. If that’s the case, you don’t have to worry because these issues are inexpensive to fix.

Oversized AC unit

In the past, we have all been guilty of believing that the bigger the AC, the better cooling. However, installing a big AC in a compact space is lethal for your unit which will have to turn on and off repeatedly. This will cause airflow problems.


Airflow problems are the most common HVAC issues. However, before you start thinking of getting a new system, call in an expert and get your AC thoroughly inspected. Sometimes, the solution to the problem is not as expensive as you may have been thinking.