6 Obvious Signs that Indicate You Need a New Arizona HVAC System

There are many things you need to maintain around the house, including an Arizona HVAC system. HVAC systems are essential for an energy-efficient house and provide comfort to your family in the coldest and hottest of days by regulating the temperature. Any damage or fault in the HVAC system could result in increased electricity bills and much more. Thus, it is important to routinely maintain and repair your Arizona HVAC system.

In this article, we will discuss the signs that indicate when to change your Arizona HVAC system. Let’s find out.

Frequent Repairs

If your HVAC system has been breaking down 3 to 4 times in the last few months, it’s more cost-effective to replace it. Yearly maintenance is recommended, but anything more indicates that your HVAC system is not functioning properly. You will also eventually realize that the costs of repair are higher than just buying a new Arizona HVAC system.

HVAC System Age

An HVAC system needs to be replaced after every 10 years. Why? Because an air conditioner is exposed to extreme weather conditions, such as thunderstorms, rain, snow, etc. Thus, it can get damaged faster.

Generally, a new air conditioner can last up to 20 years, whereas an old air conditioner lasts 10 years max. After the average life span, your HVAC system will stop working or need frequent repairs, which will be more costly in the long run.

Increased Electricity Bill

If you notice your electricity bill increasing even without any change in routine, you need to consider getting your Arizona HVAC system replaced. The increase in electricity bills can be due to multiple problems, such as changing seasons, leaky ductwork, HVAC system’s age, and more.

Before replacing, consult HVAC service professionals in Arizona to find the cause of the problem and see if replacement is necessary.

Noise and Odor

If you hear loud noises like grinding, scraping, or more from your air conditioner, it’s a clear sign to change your HVAC system. This noise could be due to faulty or misplaced wires; thus, get it checked immediately.

You might have mold growing inside the HVAC system depending on the weather conditions. This is rare, but it does happen and results in a musty odor wafting throughout your home.

Water Leaks

There are two ways your HVAC system causes leaks. For example, a blocked duct that disposes of condensation can cause water to leak from or around the HVAC system. On the other hand, it could be because of a refrigerant or Freon leak. But you need to be careful here, as Freon is poisonous, so instead of taking matters into your own hands, contact HVAC service professionals in Arizona.

Inadequate Air Supply

If you notice your air conditioner blowing less air than usual, it might be because of blocked ducts or a faulty compressor.

Suppose you are experiencing any of these problems in your Arizona HVAC system. In that case, it’s best to call a professional as they have the best tools, equipment, and knowledge to ensure your air conditioner gets repaired or replaced to provide comfort to you and your family.