AC Repair vs. Replace – Deciding What’s Right

Like everything else, an air conditioner comes with a lifespan. An air conditioner lasts for about 15 to 20 years on average. It may give way sooner or continue to perform well for longer, depending on how well you take care of it. However, you can’t expect your air conditioner to keep working flawlessly. It’ll present problems every now and then – it’s a machine, after all.

However, many homeowners don’t know if they should get their AC repaired or invest in a new one if the AC stops working. Chances that your AC will get fixed are high if you’ve been getting it inspected regularly. However, if you’ve neglected your AC for a long time, you may need to buy a new one.

If you’re AC has suddenly stopped working, and you’re contemplating whether to opt for AC repair or buy a new one, continue reading this blog post.

Analyze Safety

If your air conditioner has faulty wiring or valves, you don’t need to replace it. These are minor problems that can be fixed by a professional technician. However, if the problem is big enough to pose a safety threat, you need to consider replacing your air conditioner. For example, if there’s a gas leakage or a faulty gas exchanger that could make way for harmful gases to get into your home, replacing the AC unit is a wiser choice.

Evaluate Age

Like we said earlier, your air conditioner should last for about 15 to 20 years, on average. A little more or less is alright too. If you’re AC isn’t functioning to the best of its efficiency, evaluate the age. If the AC is older than the average lifespan, it’ll only continue to present problems more often. It’s best to replace your AC at this point. However, if it’s only a few years old, hire a trusted AC professional to inspect and fix it. It should go a long way if it’s in the right hands.

Frequency of Breakdowns

Your AC might give way sooner than the expected lifespan. Sometimes, the problems are so big that repairing them would be more costly than buying a new one. If your AC breaks down very frequently and you’ve to spend money on its repair every time, replacing it once and for all is better. Some factors that can lead to early air conditioner failures include incorrect installation, voltage fluctuations, and unprofessional handling.

Don’t just replace your air conditioner because it’s not working as efficiently as it should. They don’t come cheap. Evaluate and analyze closely and see what’s better. Sometimes, your AC might only need some thorough professional attention, and other times, you may have to get a new one. Hire professional AC technicians and have them inspect the unit. Professional opinion is important before taking any important decision regarding your AC.