Achieving Better Air Quality This Winter

With winter coming to an end soon, it will finally be time to lay off the heater and open up our windows to welcome Arizona’s spring, but we aren’t quite there just yet… Being cooped up indoors, blasting the heat, and never opening your windows (because it’s a little too chilly) all winter can make the inside of your home quite stuffy, and lower your air quality. This is especially troublesome for homeowners with respiratory problems, or in homes with pets. There’s a reason why we call it fresh air, as poor quality air carries pollutants and irritants, and is all too real and common. We’re bringing you a few tips on improving the air quality in your home right now, today, instead of waiting for that first nice spring breeze.

Take care of vents and filters
After a winter marked by entertaining guests, a packed home with the kids off of school, more time indoors with the holidays off work, all without ever opening a window: your air quality might be lower than any other time of the year. Now, you know that you should be changing your filters all year, this is important, but you might find that your winter filters need to be replaced more often, so keep an eye on them. Likewise, your vents might need a nice, early spring cleaning or an extra winter wipe-down. We want to keep our air and HVAC system as clean as possible.

Utilize your fans
It’s a great idea to keep your fans running on low, always moving and filtering air, but that fan can be a problem as well… Before you set it and forget it, give your blades a wipe down. If it is a floor fan, they can typically be disassembled quite easily to reach the blades for clean-up. You don’t want to cause a bigger problem while trying to fix another one. Great air quality means clean air. These fans will promote air circulation. If you want something even more powerful, you can invest in filtration fans or systems, or even complex UV disinfection systems.

Get a professional cleaning
A deep clean for your HVAC system might be just what your home needs. If the previous steps don’t clear up a few sneezes, there might be dust and debris beyond what is visible to you. A duct cleaning will clear up the dust in your system and disinfect, this will keep your air much cleaner for quite some time.

We want our customers to be comfortable with the air quality and temperature of their home, it’s in our name! If you need any HVAC services, repair or replacement, residential or commercial, give Comfort Experts a call!