How to clean your outdoor air conditioning unit?

Air Conditioning units are what keeps us relaxed, regardless of the temperatures. Almost everyone has an air conditions unit in their home, making it a one of the most basic electronic appliances that you use. One of the important things that most people neglect is, to properly clean the air conditions unit periodically. Many people don’t even know how to clean your outdoor air conditioning unit Arizona. The process is not really complicated, as anyone can clean their outdoor air conditioning unit with proper knowledge and accessories needed.

Here’s a look at the cleaning process of an outdoor air conditioning unit:


  • The first and foremost thing one should do while cleaning an electronic appliance is to take the appropriate safety measures. Wearing gloves and switching off the air conditioning unit should be the top priority here.
  • Grab the tools and equipment that are needed for the cleaning of outdoor air conditioning unit. A flat head screwdriver, ratchet set, multi-meter, and a mallet are the tools you would need.
  • Now it’s time to disassemble the unit. Start with removing the metal shield that surrounds the air conditioning unit.
  • Now, by making use of a water hose spray, proceed with the cleaning off debris.
  • Spray the outside air conditioning unit with a coil cleaner. Wait for a few minutes for the cleaner foam to bond with the dirt.
  • Finally, it’s time for you to rinse the cleaner off by using the hose.


This process should be done once a year to ensure the clean and proper maintenance of your outdoor air conditioning unit.

As this process may be hectic and take up your valuable time, you can simply hire a professional to cleanup or for any repair of your outdoor air conditioning unit. Comfort Experts has been serving people with their services, which you may want to have a look.