Leaving the AC On for Your Pets

In our previous article, we discussed whether you should leave the AC on while you are on vacation. One of the reasons, according to us, was the comfort of your furry friends- for which we recommended you to consider leaving the air conditioning unit on.

This, however, is a bit difficult for people. Even diehard animal lovers have second thoughts before leaving the AC on for ten or more days. Not only does the AC contribute to carbon emissions, but it also increases your electricity bills.

So, what should be the conclusion on all of this? Should you or should you not leave the AC on for your pets? People with pets, in all honesty, treat their furry friends as part of the family. Their level of comfort is their top priority. The debate on whether or not it is important to maintain a certain level of temperature at home while you’re gone should be carried out after considering all factors, including the ramifications of your decision of switching off the AC.

What Do Vets Say About This?

Cats and dogs normally pant when they are feeling hot. They do so to let the warm air out from their lungs and take in the cooler air from the outside. However, if the outside temperature is hot, animals will find it difficult to keep their bodies cooler. This will increase the risk of heatstroke. Even though cats are more tolerant to heat, elderly and triple-coated cats can’t survive heat for long. This is why it is important to keep your pets in rooms where they can stay cool.

Things to Consider Before Leaving the AC On

Does this mean that leaving the air conditioning running is the only option you have? Here are some things that will help you make the right decision.

1. Your House Structure

Many homes can maintain a low temperature if you just draw the curtains down or close the blinds. These houses don’t really need a running AC all day long.

2. The Basement of Your House

Do you have a basement in your house? The underground section of the house is relatively cooler and if you can leave your pets there, they will have a comfortable place to stay in.

3. The Age of Your Pet

Young and healthy pets are generally more tolerant and are not at risk of contracting serious diseases because of a change in room temperature. However, older and ill pets need controlled temperature and any changes will have a damaging effect on their health. If you have elderly or sick pet back home, don’t think twice before leaving the air conditioning unit on.

4. Do You Have a Pet Door?

Are your pets totally dependent on you when they want to go outside or can they access the pet door and come and go easily? If your pets can go outside on their own, they won’t really mind if the AC in the house is not working. They can go outside for some fresh air and come back home.


Taking care of pets is a full-time job. In case of troubling questions like the one discussed in this article, always focus on what’s best for your pets and then decide accordingly.