Severity of Furnace Problems | Emergency Furnace Repair in Gilbert, Arizona

Heating machines have a long lifespan as long as you properly install, test, and maintain them. However, there can be some furnace problems that you may not be prepared for. Knowing the difference between the severities of the problem can be helpful if you want to know whether to call emergency furnace repair in Gilbert, Arizona.

Here is a small guide to help you out.

Electrical Issues

Any electrical issues in the furnace need to be addressed by emergency furnace repair in Gilbert, Arizona. If you understand how the basic electrical system of the furnace works, you can even identify the problem yourself. However, when it comes to hazardous tasks like methane or carbon monoxide leaks due to electrical failures, you should call professionals. Electrical malfunctions have been the cause of 43,700 house fires in the last year, so it is prudent to deal with them swiftly.

Strange and Loud Noises

Any odd noises can be an indication that something may have come loose or there is a need for oiling. Popping, pinging, rattling, squealing, and grinding noises all indicate different things. While it may not be a critical emergency, you should still have it checked out. The belt or motor bearings may need repair in this situation.

Switching On and Off Quickly

Rapid cycling is when the system turns on and off quickly. This can occur if old or dirty air filters are present. Calling for regular maintenance for the furnace is important because it can increase the lifespan of the unit.

Unpleasant Odor: Sulfur or Rotten Eggs

It is definitely a big emergency situation if you ever smell Sulfur or rotten eggs in the home. This indicates that there is a gas leak. You should evacuate the house immediately and make sure everyone in your family leaves as well. Calling for emergency furnace repair in Gilbert, Arizona, is a good idea because gas leaks can be quite dangerous.

You shouldn’t wait to collect your things, close lights, call anyone, or turn the stove on in such a case. Immediately leave the premises and make the call outside.

Cold Air from the Furnace

If the furnace is blowing out cold air, there may be debris in the blower. Look out for a flashing light on the heating device. If it’s red, call for emergency furnace repair in Gilbert, Arizona.

Making sure your furnace is working in the best condition is vital because it is a crucial investment that should have a long lifespan. You can always rely on Comfort Experts to do any emergency furnace repair in Gilbert, Arizona. They have a highly trained team that can assist you with any issue.