Should You Leave Your AC on While on Vacations?

To beat the heat of the irritating summer season, many people go on a vacation to areas with moderate temperature. But this seemingly less complex of going on vacation often comes with its own peculiarities.

While planning for the trip, many homeowners also have to decide on how you will manage certain systems in your home. Things such as watering the plants or feeding the pets are easy to manage as you can ask your trusted friends or neighbors to look after your furry friends or your backyard garden when you’re away. But deciding on whether to leave the AC on is a difficult decision to make.

The common reason for turning the AC off is to cut down the sky-rocketing energy bills. Even though this seems a prudent decision, you have to consider some other factors as well to decide whether to keep the AC on.

Factors to Consider

Whether or not the air conditioning unit should be turned off during the vacation period depends on the following factors.

1. Weather

The air conditioning unit in your house is a protective layer that saves your home from the scorching heat of the sun. When planning for the trip, find out the weather forecast for the days when you won’t be at home.

If the temperature is hot, it is best to keep the AC on. If you turn the AC off, you will risk damaging your furniture items. Also, you wouldn’t like returning back to a burning hot home after a relaxing trip.

2. Home’s Structure

Various installations in your home also play an important role in determining whether or not you should leave the AC on. If you have proper insulation and lower air infiltration, and if you have efficient, tinted windows, you can turn off the AC while you are away. The above-mentioned installations in your house have higher resistance against heat and your home will remain cooler without a functioning AC.

3. Your Furry Friends

Do you own a cat or dog or other pets? If you have pets in your home, it is best to keep the AC on for the comfort of your furry friends. Cats and dogs have higher body temperatures and they can’t survive in hotter temperatures especially when they are in habit of spending long lazy afternoons beneath an air conditioning unit.

4. The Length of the Vacation

The length of your vacation also matters a lot when you are deciding on how to manage the air conditioning system in your house. If you are away from the house for too long – more than two weeks – you should think twice before making a decision. Are you really considering to leave the AC on while you are away? If you decide to turn it off, what about the other factors that we discussed above? This dilemma can easily be dealt with if you use a programmable thermostat. This device will automatically turn off when the desired temperature is reached.


When you are leaving for the vacations, you should consider all the factors before deciding on whether you should leave the AC on.