Tips to keep your AC running smoothly in Arizona

If you’ve ever found yourself outdoors on a sunny day in The Grand Canyon State, you know just how hot it can get in this desert oasis. With that being said the last thing you’d want to experience is having your A.C unit go out mid summer! Here are some helpful tips from your local A.C experts to keep your A.C running and free of failures, not just this summer but all year long!

We’ve listed some of the top causes of air conditioner problems in residential homes and how to prevent them. Thankfully most of these fixes won’t break the bank with regular maintenance and inspection. Something as small as a loose wire could put your A.C at risk; luckily something like a loose wire is also a simple fix.

Most Arizona natives expect to see a higher A.C bill during peak summer months as we see temperatures skyrocket. However if you’ve found yourself with an unusually high bill before we start seeing those 110 degree temperatures this might catch your attention and could cause some worry. This may indicate your unit is having trouble cooling down your home. This would cause it to run more than it normally would, also running up your bill. This can be the result of a leak or built up debris. Make sure to check all parts of your A.C unit regularly and keep an eye out for any maintenance repairs that can be fixed easily.

Have you ever had a storm take out your homes power and now your left in the dark and without A.C, if so don’t panic! Most likey this is because your breaker has been tripped, and can be the aftermath of a power surged due to lightning strikes. Here’s what to do:

1. Check your electrical box to see if it has tripped
2. Reset your breaker
3. Now you can try and turn the A.C unit back on
If the unit doesn’t start back up after this attempt – its time to call the experts.

To prevent over heating (that could otherwise lead to compressor issues) make sure your condenser coils are clean! Gunk and dust can be built up coat the coils and trap the heat being removed from your home.

Below are a few ways you can prevent any A.C problems before they become problems!

– Clean any clogged air filters or blocked vents

– Make sure your A.C’s fan is in tack and efficently removing heat from the condener, otherwise it may overheat and break.

– Check for leaks in your system – leaks can lead to a strain in the system from working harder then it should

Something else to keep your eyes and ears, on is your A.C unit turning on and off. If you notice your A.C running after its already reached the desired temperature, this may be a red flag. This could indicate something wrong with the electronic controls – such as a sensor shifting or malfunctioning.

This is why it is important to know how to keep your A.C unit efficiently money and know what to look out for in case something dose go wrong.The best way to keep your A.C unit running in its best condition is to keep up with regular maintenance! This simply means checking that nothing is lose or out or place and by cleaning off any dirt or dust that may later cause unwanted problems.