When Were Air Conditioners Invented

As the world reaches a global average temperature maximum, due to the onset of global warming, air conditioners have become a necessity in most homes. This is especially in tropical and humid countries such as India, Thailand and even parts of Europe and North America. You can understand the importance of air conditioners, but to truly grasp their novelty, it is of the utmost importance to know about their history. You should have an idea about the invention of the air conditioner. So, here you have a very brief history of the air conditioner.

20th century problems

America, till the 20th-century, did not use the modern air conditioners that you use today. In fact, it had the same method of temperature control that the developing countries still do. America was sweating, which is a form of biological air conditioning, and it was fanning itself. Electric fans were installed in American homes right after 1900, but it was exclusive to wealthy American homes.

Scientific Advancement

Nikola Tesla was responsible for understanding how alternating current works in a motor and that allowed the likes of an American engineer to develop the first modern system of air conditioning. He sent air through pipes which had coils, cooling with water. He then added a centrifugal chiller and a compressor at the center, reducing the size of the initial invention. This was in the year 1922; seventeen years after Willes Carrier first developed the system of cooled coils.

Modern Times

Needless to say, the invention of the modern cooling system had impacted the world in a huge way. The original design was then broken down, and each company added their own various twists to the design. These twists would make their companies develop into household brands. Most of the design had the initial system intact, with a few added bells and whistles. Now, it is estimated that over ninety percent of the population in the United States of America alone have air conditioners in their homes and offices.