Why Is an Air Conditioner Installation Better Than the Installation of an Air Cooler?

With the arrival of the summer season, homeowners are faced with two choices – either to install an air conditioner or an air cooler. Both of these units are incredible as they help people stay cool and comfortable during the soaring temperature of summers. But the problem that most homeowners face is to decide whether an air conditioner installation is better or the installation of an air cooler. In this article, we present you with common differences between air conditioners and air coolers in terms of their mechanism, efficiency, and use, so that you can choose better for your home sweet home!

1.     The Working Mechanism

A major difference between an air conditioner unit and an air cooler is their respective functionality. An air cooler follows an evaporation process. By means of a soggy water pad, the air cooler sucks in the dry air from the surrounding and freshen it through the evaporation process. Once that’s done, it circulates the cool air in all the rooms with the help of a fan.

On the contrary, air conditioners function on the basis of the refrigerant condensation. The warm air becomes cold as soon as it passes through the cooling coil of the unit. This coil consists of a refrigerant that cools itself as it transforms from the liquid to gas state. Modern air conditioners that contain the R410A refrigerant are more efficient than the ones that use the R22 refrigerant. These advanced air conditioners provide cooler air and are more energy-efficient than any other unit. Modern air conditioners are eco-friendly as they protect the depletion of the ozone layer. These reasons make an air conditioner far better than an air cooler.

2.     Cooling Efficiency

An air conditioner comes with far more cooling capabilities than an air cooler. It also helps produce and maintain ideal room temperature. Air conditioners do a better job of cooling rooms in the blazing summer heat, so they are a better option than an air cooler.

3.     Humidity Level

Since air coolers suck in the hot air and cool it, they release moisture like a humidifier. On the other hand, air conditioners act as dehumidifiers as they help reduce the humidity level in a room. They help condense water vapors instead of spreading into the surrounding air. In this regard, an air conditioner installation is more appreciated than the installation of an air cooler.

4.     Weather Issues

The potential of an air cooler considerably decreases in a humid environment. This happens because the water evaporation is not available and thus achievable in humid areas. So, if you use an air cooler in even a slightly humid room, it may not work properly. To ensure that an air cooler works efficiently, the humidity level of your room should be below 20%, which is not always possible. This is why professionals of air conditioner services are against the use of a cooler unit, especially in hot and humid regions. As the high humidity levels interrupt the working order of air cooler, an air conditioner installation is highly preferred.  An air conditioner functions regardless of what humidity level is.


With these factors in mind, we’re certain you can understand why an air conditioner installation is better than the installation of an air cooler. If you’re looking for the best HVAC professionals for an air conditioner installation, choose Comfort Experts.