Why It’s Important to Have a Fall AC Tune-Up

Believe it or not, air conditioning tune-up is often overlooked here in the Valley. Residents of Chandler, Gilbert, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, and surrounding areas tend to wait in worrying about their HVAC systems until something goes wrong during the summer, leaving them stuck in Arizona’s sweltering heat. It is important to properly maintain and prevent potential issues with your air conditioning and heating systems, failing to do so could even affect the warranty terms on your HVAC unit, and you definitely don’t want to wait until the last minute with your AC unit. With fall just beginning, it is a perfect time to ensure your AC unit is ready to keep your family warm over the holidays, and to prepare for the coming summer. Today, the team here at Comfort Experts is going to fill you in on the importance of a fall air conditioning unit tune-up.

We understand that in Arizona, you rely heavily on a working air conditioning system, and because we use this luxury daily, it becomes a button on the wall that we hit on autopilot for our comfort; we forget that there is an entire, complex HVAC unit to power that cool air. Unknown to most of our customers, your AC unit is complicated technology and needs regular care. Preventative air conditioning maintenance eliminates the need for emergency air conditioning service in the future. Our technicians can set up recurring fall-time tune-ups and maintenance on your heating and air conditioning service, where we will ensure all parts are in good, working condition, and will continue this way until our next maintenance appointment. Regular AC maintenance is important for the longevity of your system. Take good care of your air conditioning system so it can better take care of you and your family, for a longer amount of time.

A fall AC tune-up includes diagnostics, testing airflow, tightening electrical connections, searching for leaks, and checking of motors, belts, filters, pumps, drains, and valves in your air conditioning and heating systems. The technician will make sure all pieces in the system are free of damage and he will lubricate moving parts of the AC unit’s motor to ensure quality function. He will also clean parts of the unit, as Arizona’s dirt and dust can be a massive contributor in air conditioning problems. In a fall tune-up, we will check your heating system just before a chilly winter, making sure all parts are clean and in working condition. Finally, we ensure the longevity of all parts, for peace of mind that your air conditioning unit will make it through the coming summer.

Fall is an ideal time to service your Arizona AC unit, between our drastic cooling season and a winter of keeping your home warm. After a summer of heavy use, with the air conditioning unit blasting, it’s good to make sure you aren’t headed towards issues that will appear during the holidays, which is the next season of heaviest use in Arizona, after summer. Over the holidays, we are adjusting temperatures to satisfy a house packed full of guests and our AC units are working at their maximum when you have a large amount of people moving in and out of the home, causing temperature fluctuations, and we tend to see a spike in appointments around this time of the year, usually with customer’s who waited until the last minute after an especially hot summer. It is ideal to service your AC unit between busy seasons.

With family in mind, we come to the most vital reason for a fall AC tune-up, and for frequent maintenance on your HVAC unit in general: the comfort and safety of your loved ones. Air conditioning maintenance improves air quality in our homes. More importantly, our technician will check carbon monoxide levels and make sure your family is safe before cranking up the heater on a cool Arizona evening. Now, your AC unit is designed to keep any harmful exhaust out of your home, but old and broken parts-like your heat exchage, for example-can compromise this. Our technician will not complete your fall AC tune-up until he is sure the exhaust system of your HVAC unit is running properly for your family and your home. And on a brighter note, AC maintenance can always help you save money on your energy bill, meaning more funds for you and your family to enjoy during the coming holiday season.

It is the perfect time of the year to schedule air conditioning maintenance. Schedule your fall tune-up with Comfort Experts today! We serve the entire valley in Arizona, Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Gilbert, and we would love to help with your HVAC unit.

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