Your HVAC System Could Be Making Your Home Dusty

All homeowners have to deal with mundane chores on a daily basis, such as washing the dishes, doing the laundry, and the awful task of dusting. If you’re tired of keeping up with a dusty home, your HVAC System in Gilbert, AZ can be a part of that problem. Luckily, there is a solution for every HVAC problem out there.

1) Filter the Dust

When you’re trying to find the source of your dusty home by checking your HVAC System in Gilbert, AZ, the best place to start is the filter. HVAC filters should be cleaned or changed when they get dirty.

When the filter fills with dust, your system does not properly clean dust from the air. However, all the filters are not created equally, and the filters with a higher MERV rating perform better. Although these types of filters will last longer and trap many small particles that other filters might not be able to do, they are very expensive and require a lot of energy.

While changing your filter, it is important to confirm if there is a tight seal around all sides. Dust can flow freely through your system and your home if there are gaps or the size of the filter is improper.

2) Detect the Leaks

Leaks in the duct system can be a huge problem. Tiny gaps can appear in your ductwork due to poor condition of the ducts, age, or damage. The dust goes out of the vents and into your home due to these tiny gaps.

To identify the source of the leakage, take a look at your ductwork. Using a flashlight can be a helpful way to inspect your ductwork and observe the flow of dust particles in the air. Such kind of small leaks can be repaired properly with a duct tape if they are reachable.

An official and skilled HVAC technician’s should be sought when you’re having difficulty trying to identify the source of the leakage. The experts can easily inspect and determine the leaks in areas which are not easily accessible.

3) Get a Humidifier

People who live in wet climates can get a break from all these hectic dust problems, whereas those who reside in areas with dry climates need to dust their homes regularly. Due to dry air, the dust flows freely and can travel farther through an HVAC System in Gilbert, AZ. Dust has high chances of getting trapped in your filters if the air is humid. If you are settled in an arid area, you might consider a humidifier, which can prevent the furniture from becoming weak.

4) Consider Dust-Removing Efficiency

When you’re dealing with the dusting chore, you might consider turning on your thermostat’s fan. It will capture the dust you kick up, if your filter is dust-free. However, turn its setting back to “Auto” when you’re done.


By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily prevent your home from becoming dusty as a result of your HVAC System in Gilbert, AZ.